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Giant’s and Griffin’s Classes

Spring Term 2021

Spring 1 Spelling hwk grid

Autumn Term 2020

Spellings and Homework Grid week commencing 14th September
Year 4 Homework Grid Autumn 2020

Autumn 1 Spellings Week 3-5
Autumn 1 Spellings Week 6-8
Autumn 2 Spellings Week 2-4
Autumn 2 Spellings Week 5-7

Meet the Teacher Slides
Meet the Teacher 2020-21



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We are very happy that you dropped in to see us. This page currently contains pictures of our classes hard at work in our classrooms; however, these pages will be regularly updated with information relating to our classroom activities so please keep checking back for new information.

Summer Term 2020

Message to Giants and Griffins from Mrs Browne, Miss Pattison and Mr Vallois

Spellings for Year 4

Summer Holiday Activity!
Sewing Bee PDF
Sewing Bee

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 7

Home Learning 13.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 13.07.20
Home Learning 14.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 14.07.20
Home Learning 15.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 15.07.20
Home Learning 16.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 16.07.20

Blank Feather Template

Enjoy Silly Sports Day and have a fantastic summer holiday!

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 6

Letter to Giants from Miss Morrison
Letter to Griffins from Mrs Cheeseman
Home Learning 06.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 06.07.20
Home Learning 07.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 07.07.20
Home Learning 08.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 08.07.20
Home Learning 09.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 09.07.20

Eco Day 10.07.20 PDF
Eco Day 10.07.20

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 5

Home Learning 29.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 29.06.20
Home Learning 30.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 30.06.20
Home Learning 01.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 01.07.20
Home Learning 02.07.20 PDF
Home Learning 02.07.20
Origin of Species Extract 6

Friday 3rd July – French Day!!!

KS2 French Day PDF
KS2 French Day PPT

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 4

Home Learning 22.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 22.06.20
Home Learning 23.06.20
Home Learning 23.06.20 PDF
African Animal Silhouettes
Home Learning 24.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 24.06.20
Origin of Species Extract 5
Fossilisation Process 250620
Home Learning 25.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 25.06.20

Friday 26th June
Vocabulary Day!

26th June PowerPoint

26th June PDF

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 3

Home Learning 15.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 15.06.20
Home Learning 16.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 16.06.20
Template for Art 16.06.20
Home Learning 17.06.20
Home Learning 17.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 18.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 18.06.20
Origin of Species 1
Origin of Species Two
Origin of Species Three
Origin of Species Four

Friday 19th June!

Virtual Sports Day!

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 2

Home Learning 08.06.20
Home Learning 08.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 09.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 09.06.20
Home Learning 10.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 10.06.20
Home Learning 11.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 11.06.20
Carnival of the Animals Activity Sheet
Wellbeing Activity 11.06.20
Farnborough Science Day 2020 KS2 PDF
Farnborough Science Day 2020 KS2

Home Learning Summer 2 Week 1

Home Learning 01.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 01.06.20
Home Learning 02.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 02.06.20
Home Learning 03.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 03.06.20
Home Learning 04.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 04.06.20
Home Learning 05.06.20 PDF
Home Learning 05.06.20

Home Learning Week 7

School Closure PDF 18.05.20
School Closure PPT 18.05.20
School Closure PDF 19.05.20
School Closure PPT 19.05.20
School Closure PDF 20.05.20
School Closure PPT 20.05.20
School Closure PDF 21.05.20
School Closure PPT 21.05.20
School Closure PDF 22.05.20
School Closure PPT 22.05.20

Home Learning Week 6

Activities for chilren to do independently
School Closure Work PDF 11.05.20
School Closure Work PPT 11.05.20
School Closure PDF 12.05.20
School Closure PPT 12.05.20
School Closure PDF 13.05.20
School Closure PPT 13.05.20
School Closure PDF 14.05.20
School Closure PPT 14.05.20
Activity Sheet Vertebrates

Animation Day – May 15th!
Get Active Reminder

Home Learning Week 5

Maths answers for week 4:Home Learning Week 4 Maths Answers
Home Learning Week 4 Maths Answers PDF

School Closure Work PPT 04.05.20
School Closure Work PDF 04.05.20
School Closure Work PPT 05.05.20
School Closure Work PDF 05.05.20
School Closure Work PPT 06.05.20
School Closure Work PDF 06.05.20

Thursday 7th May:- Story Writing Day!!
Story Writing Day Year 4 PDF
Story Writing Day Year 4 PPT

Resources for Story Writing Day Line Art Activity
The Castle
The Doorway
The Watery City

Friday 8th May:- VE Day!!
Week 5 VE Day PDF
Week 5 VE Day PPT

Home Learning Week 4

Maths answers for week 3: Home Learning Week 3 Maths Answers
Home Learning Week 3 Maths Answers PDF

School Closure Work PDF 27.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 27.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 28.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 28.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 29.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 29.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 30.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 30.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 01.05.20
School Closure Work PPT 01.05.20
Vikings at Home Horrible Histories

New Maths Resources! – Please sign up!

Please click on the links to find out more information.
Griffins Registration Letter
Giants Registratation Letter
Parents FAQ

Happy Birthday Captain Tom!

Most of you would have seen Captain Tom and his brilliant fundraising in the news recently. Why not send him a birthday card for his 100th Birthday thanking him for his efforts!
Captain Tom Birthday Card Activity

Spellings for Year 4

Year 4 Teacher Holiday News!

Year 4 Teacher News

Year 4 Teacher News PDF

Physical Education!

PE Ideas PDF
PE Ideas PPT

Home Learning Week 3

For Science over the next few weeks, please try to complete some easy to do practical experiments at home!
Science at Home PDF
Science at Home PPT

School Closure Work PDF 20.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 20.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 21.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 21.04.20
Viking Glossary PDF
Viking Glossary PPT
School Closure Work PDF 22.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 22.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 23.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 23.04.20
School Closure Work PDF 24.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 24.04.20

Bonus Problem Solving!

For those of you looking for a bit of extra practice on your Reasoning and Problem Solving over the next couple of weeks:
Place Value Bonus Problem Solving Questions

Home Learning Week 2

Message to Parents Week 2

If you are using a desktop or laptop, please use the PowerPoint link to view the work.
If you are using a tablet/phone or other device, please use the PDF documents to view work.
Home Learning Week 1 and 2 Maths Answers

School Closure Work 30.03.20
School Closure Work PPT 30.03.20
Digestive System Print Out 30.03.20
School Closure Work 31.03.20
School Closure Work PPT 31.03.20
School Closure Work 01.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 01.04.20
School Closure Work 02.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 02.04.20
School Closure Work 03.04.20
School Closure Work PPT 03.04.20

Home Learning Week 1

Covering Letter
School Closure 23.03.20
School Closure 24.03.20
School Closure 25.03.20
School Closure 26.03.20
School Closure 27.03.20

Homework Grid for Year 4
Spellings for Year 4

Spring Term 2020

Spellings for Year 4
Homework Grid for Year 4
Spellings for Year 4

Autumn Term  2019- Welcome to Year 4

Homework Grid for Year 4
Spring Term 2 2019
Spellings for Year 4

See you all again soon.