Reception and Year 1

This is done on an informal basis. The children will be given regular reading homework, and at other times there will be sounds and letters to learn through phonics flashcards as well as practical Maths activities to investigate. We also encourage parents/carers to read and count with their children on a daily basis. It is important to help children to learn how to dress themselves and use buttons independently.

From Years 2 – 6

Homework is given out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is in addition to reading.

  • Monday – Maths – Blue folders – to be returned by Wednesday.
  • Wednesday – English & Topic – Red folders – to be returned by Monday.

Homework is based upon work done in the class that week. The homework tasks include opportunities for practicing basic skills such as: number bonds, times tables, handwriting, word types, learning to recite rhymes and poems etc.

No homework is set for school holidays. All children are expected to read as much as possible at home and you are asked to support and encourage this practice. Story books are taken home every night and you may purchase school book bags to protect the books during transit.