Please see the below attachment for our full list of Uniform required for all pupils. Items in bold must be purchased from Graduates School Uniform Shop. Items in italics are optional. All items listed, with an asterisk, can be purchased form the School Office. All other items can be easily purchased from any high street shop.

PE bags must come to school at the beginning of each week. Children are encouraged to keep their PE bags in school all week, rather than taking it home each day. PE bags can then be taken home as necessary.

If a child forgets their PE clothing they will still be expected to remain with their class. No child is allowed to opt out. A reminder letter will be sent home. A written note from parents is required if a child is unable to participate in a PE lesson. A record of children who miss PE will be kept and any concerns discussed with parents.

Children with pierced ears may only wear studs and these will need to be taken out or taped for PE.  Watches may be worn, but need to be named.  No other jewellery is allowed in the interest of health and safety. If a piece of jewellery is worn for religious reasons, a written note must be written by the parent/carer to the Head Teacher.


All clothing MUST be named. Please check items regularly to ensure names have not faded. No child is allowed to borrow any clothing items from another.

Children are encouraged from an early age to look after their own belongings. Please support us by encouraging children at home to take responsibility of organising their own bags and equipment.

Parents are asked to purchase a school book bag from the School Office.  Other bags, such as sports bags or back-packs, should not be brought to School. Please ensure that all clothes, especially coats, have large loops so that items can be easily hung on pegs.