Our Curriculum Intent


The intent of our Whole School Curriculum at Farnborough Primary School is for our children to ‘Dream Big’ by providing an ambitious, creative and engaging curriculum for our pupils, so that they aspire to be the best they can be for themselves and for the wider world. 

We aim to create an environment that enables our children to develop a love for learning and achieve academic excellence through learning more and remembering more.

We believe that our curriculum should be child-centred, rich in experiences to increase their cultural capital. We provide opportunities for all our pupils to acquire and build the essential knowledge, skills and understanding for future success.


Our Whole School Curriculum is implemented as a carefully designed, planned and sequenced set of programmes of study that is based on the needs and interests of our pupils. We ensure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and meets all statutory requirements.

We provide a range of rich and exciting curriculum experiences that will enable children to learn through art, music, drama and sport, across all subjects to develop creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Through questioning and challenge our children will be developing their abilities to learn and remember more through all areas of the curriculum.

Our teachers are adaptive in their pedagogical approaches so that our children develop a deep understanding of what they learn, become reflective independent learners, and achieve their full potential. We want our children to develop the skills to think about, not only what they have learnt but how they have learnt it and how they are going to remember it. Through a variety of strategies and questioning throughout our lessons our children are able to build their resilience to their learning and be ambitious in what they will achieve. Our teachers are trained to use a range of assessment techniques to ensure that all children are meeting their potential and that teachers can identify quickly where additional support is needed.


Our Whole School Curriculum has a wide range of outcomes and learning opportunities that exceed the national curriculum.  We believe that our pupils will become aspirational, enthusiastic, successful, lifelong learners, who are well prepared for life beyond primary school and inspired for learning at KS3 and beyond.

We believe that our Whole School Curriculum equips our children with the tools to make a difference in their own life and in the world beyond school making them global citizens with the power to change the world for the better.