Lunch information


Healthy Eating

Farnborough Primary School has a catering contract with Harrisons. Each day there three options available to choose from, a meat option, the vegetarian option or jacket potato with a filling. The menu is a three week rolling menu, which may change occasionally but parents will be informed.

School meals are free to all the children in the Infant Classes (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). Dinner money payable for children in the Junior classes should be paid on the first day of each half term for the half term. The amount due is always available on the website. Credits for absences will be carried forward. If your child is absent on the first day of term, dinner money be may be sent on their return to school. Payment is liable for lunches cancelled after 11am.

Packed Lunches

Children may bring their own healthy packed lunch in a box clearly labelled on the outside with the child’s name. All drinks must be in unbreakable bottles. Fizzy drinks and chocolate bars should not be sent in as part of a packed lunch.


If your child has an intolerance or allergy to any food we ask parents to complete a medical form giving full details to ensure that the school has all the information to support this. Harrisons work with parents and the school to ensure that any child with an intolerance or allergy has a menu suitable for their needs.