Our Forest School


Outdoor learning is Fun!

Outdoor learning is an immensely important part of a child’s development as well as a full and rounded education. At Farnborough we are very lucky to have forest School Reception.

Forest School provides the perfect opportunity to allow children to explore their surroundings getting to kn ow themselves and their peers. They become more familiarwith how they see things and how this may differ from the view of others. Children engage in conversationand begin to work together, Forest School enhances a child’s ability to think critically, ask questions and to try new things.

Forest School and the Early Years Foundation Curriculum create a very natural and well suited pairing. Through Forest School we look at habitats and sustainability which easily link together different areas of the curriculum including Science through to ICT, Literacy and more. Elements of Numeracy are present in some way in almost every area of Forest School from arranging objects to using positional language and solving practical problems.


Physical development lends itself to this environment where children can explore and develop existing skills whilst still experimenting with new skill sets important to their development. In this setting children natually begin to manipulate different objects and learn to use them for various purposes with increased control. Children with poor social skills begin to mix with their peers begin to mix with their peer and interact with different adults. Introverted children are more motivated to join in with  group activities and children become more adventurous and take advantage of the freedom offered through Forest School.

Forest School is a specialized learning approach which aims to inspire all who encounter it to immerse themselves in their outdoor environment and to integrate the amazing facetsit offers intothe inner workings of every day life both in and out of school. At Farnborough Primary School we endeavor to motivate and facilitate lifelong learners, forest School allows us to provide this stepping stone to the children who begin and continue their education with us.