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Giants and Griffins have had lots of fun since they have all been back in school. They have participated in exciting orienteering  activities where they had to read compass directions to find different parts of Neverland hidden around the school grounds and perform tasks such as running on the spot, star jumps and tucking their jumpers and socks in! They then […]

Dragons have been enjoying their Peter Pan challenges and particularly appreciated creating their own Peter Pan themed exercise routine. We had lots of fun trying to them a burpee into a deck washing routine and a squat into a loading a cannon ball action. Pegasus were great sports and allowed us to try out our […]

In Centaurs, we have really enjoyed being back at school together.  We have had plenty of fun during our Neverland topic with making catapults in science to rescue Peter Pan from Captain Hook; learning coordinates to find treasure in Neverland and creating Pirate workouts.  In addition to this, we celebrated Red Nose Day with creating our own […]

In Genies we have been really enjoying our Neverland Topic. We have been building models of our own version of a Neverland, built catapults in Science and even created our own pirate workouts. Here are a few photos of what we have been up to.  

We have been having lots of fun in Pegasus class!  We received a beautiful dream catcher from Peter Pan, who wanted us to catch our own Neverlands in it.  We then designed and created our own 3D models of our islands, they look fantastic! We used these incredible islands to write our own setting descriptions, […]

Unicorns Class were very excited to find a note left by the fairy door in our classroom last week- Wendy needed our help as Michael had been kidnapped by Captain Hook.  We decided that we should create some new strong, brave and clever characters to help in the rescue of Michael…  

Cherubs had fun using their map skills to find Captain Hooks treasure. They read clues left around the school grounds which linked to the map. In the end they found the treasure left at the Indian camp, using their problem solving skills to retrieve the treasure, they unscrambled a set of letters to make the word […]

The children in Reception are busy learning about the Life Cycle of a Frog. They have some frog spawn in a tank in class which they have been observing closely and there was great excitment when they returned to school after the weekend and they discovered that they had ‘ hundreds of tadpoles’! ​They are currently busy suggesting names for […]

Ahoy, me hearties!!! This morning we were so happy to welcome all the children back in to ‘Neverland’ and wanted to share some pictures with our grown ups! Thank you to our amazing parents who helped, your art work was phenomenal. The children have had a little tour in their class bubbles this morning and […]

Year 3 thought about what it would be like to be an explorer. We thought about the items we would need, picked up our torches and magnifying glasses and set off to explore Forest School!