Geography Curriculum



At Farnborough Primary School, our Geography curriculum is a thrilling journey designed to ignite the spark of curiosity and adventure in our students. We are on a mission to inspire them to ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Make a Difference’ through hands-on, practical experiences that resonate with their daily lives. Geography isn’t just about maps and places; it’s about fostering a deep connection with the world around us.

Our classrooms are buzzing with inquisitive minds, eager to unravel the mysteries of our planet. Our goal is to nurture not just learners, but bold thinkers and explorers. This natural inquisitiveness will stay with them beyond their years at Farnborough.

Every topic is a stepping stone in an exciting sequence, encouraging our students to make connections and challenge ideas. Our teachers are dedicated in creating an ambitious and dynamic curriculum, always tuned into the latest pedagogical trends. We want our young geographers not only to understand their place in the world but to feel empowered to make a positive impact. Through a wide range of inclusive and diverse learning opportunities, we strive to sculpt confident and passionate individuals.


Geography topics at Farnborough are fun and engaging. They are taught in a clearly mapped journey starting in EYFS and developing throughout each year group, so that children achieve layers of depth within their learning. Teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills of each topic and consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics, throughout each year group, across the school

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) follows the ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’ guidance which aims for all children in reception to have an ‘Understanding of the World; people and communities, the world and technology’ by the end of the academic year. By the end of Year 6, children will have a deep understanding of the world around us, stretching as far and wide as Madagascar and the Amazon Rainforest, while also completing fieldwork in our very own locality known as the Garden of England. Planning is informed by and aligned with the national curriculum. In addition, staff have access to ‘Rising Stars Geography’ plans and resources, however, teachers lesson design is not limited by this, and other resources are used.

Outcomes of work are regularly monitored to ensure that they reflect a sound understanding of the key identified progression of skills and knowledge. A range of different assessment methods are used together to assess pupils’ knowledge, through this, teachers can identify gaps in children’s learning and address them. Feedback (verbal and written) is topic specific and recognises the different layers of knowledge in pupils’ outcomes.


At Farnborough Primary School, children demonstrate high levels of engagement and motivation, through participating in discussion, asking thoughtful questions and actively seeking out opportunities for independent learning. They also develop a deeper geographical understanding which enables them to have a range of geographical skills that allow them to navigate and interpret the world around them. Through the exploration of diverse cultures and global issues, the pupils at Farnborough develop a strong sense of global awareness, empathy and responsibility.



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