Best Work Galleries – Dec18

Welcome to our new “Best Work Galleries” page where each month we showcase some of the most outstanding work carried out by our amazingly gifted and talented children.

December 2018

Best Work Gallery – December 2018


Year Group & Class



Reception – Pixies

After learning the ‘sh’ sound in phonics, Lauren went to the Creative table and made a brilliant sheep by carefully sticking together various different resources


1 – Elves

It is a special piece of work because it was done to help understand why we commemorate Remembrance Day and as part of the whole school poppy display.  Carter did a great job listening to instructions and following the example of how to draw a poppy.


2 -Unicorns

The topic for Year Two this term is ‘Around the World in 80 days’. We visited Australia for one of our countries and the children spent time discussing, looking at and creating a piece of Aboriginal art.


2 – Merpeople

Aboriginal art is the oldest ongoing tradition of art in the world. These outstanding pieces of work shown were completed by Daisy and Dolly; they created these dot paintings with fantastic precision and concentration.
To create these effective paintings; the children drew an outline of an indigenous Australian animal with pencil, then selected colours; i.e. yellow to represent the sun and red for desert sand and carefully made dots around the outline of the animal.


3 – Phoenix

Year 3 took part in a ‘Make Do’ challenge where they had to design a model out of cardboard. The girls won due to their great model as well as demonstrating excellent teamwork.


3 – Pegasus

Our model, which we made as part of the Make Do Challenge for transporting chocolate in was a car with a house behind it. At the back we had a huge box to store the chocolate. We also had two pipes on the side which were there to bring air in to keep the chocolate cool and to stop it melting. 
By India-Mae, Daisy and Lauren. ​


4 – Griffins

As part of the year 4 art project on Animals, Leon has mixed oil pastels to draw a beautiful fox. To make the shape stand out he has carefully outlined his pencil drawing in black oil pastel.


5 – Centaurs

Michael has created a lovely sunset using a water colour wash. He has then added silhouettes of black to show an Egyptian setting.


6 – Dragons

Lev drew a fantastic picture of Walter Tull; the first Black Infantry Officer and former football player for our display about Walter Tull’s significance. 

Best Art Gallery – December 2018