Science Curriculum



Wherever you look, whatever you do and wherever you go, science is all around us. Human nature is to be curious about the world we live in and children enjoy being curious and inquisitive. From an early age children ask the question ‘Why?’ As parents and teachers we may not always have the answers to these questions but it can be fun trying to find out and make sense of what is happening all around us.

Science Rationale


Discovering things for themselves, rather than being told, is a great way to learn in a meaningful way. It’s not always finding out why things work but also learning from why things don’t work. At Farnborough, we want to inspire curiosity in all children while also enabling children to make connections between previous knowledge. We also recognise that exploration is a vital part of children’s learning and the teaching and learning of Science should be done through practical experiences wherever possible.


In EYFS, Science is not taught as a specific subject but it is a key part of the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area of the curriculum. Children are provided with hands on opportunities to investigate, observe and to ask and answer questions. All of these skills help to prepare them for Science in KS1.

At Farnborough, our Science curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and we ensure progression throughout the school by following the Kent Science scheme.

This is supplemented by the use of Explorify ( and STEM Learning               ( All year groups also complete stem challenges over the course of the year.

Curriculum Opportunities

Special events:

  • Whole School Science Fair
  • Living Eggs- Observing caterpillars develop and grow into butterflies

Visitors to the School:

  • Zoolab
  • Bromley Life Bus
  • Healthcare Professionals


  • After School STEM club

As one of the core subjects taught, we give the teaching and learning of Science the prominence it requires. Weekly Science lessons are timetabled and children in KS1 have at least one hour of Science teaching per week; KS2 children have at least one and a half tours of teaching per week.

At Farnborough we have developed our own Knowledge Organisers which are used to support the delivery of the curriculum. We have a Knowledge Organiser for each topic from KS1-KS2. Each one identifies the correct scientific vocabulary and information that the children need to have learnt by the end of that unit of work. It also acts as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning.

Children asking and answering questions is a key part of their learning and Science lessons at Farnborough start with a question. Sequential lessons are planned to support answering the questions.


The measure of this is to ensure children not only acquire the appropriate age related knowledge linked to the Science curriculum, but also have skills to move their learning forward.

All children at Farnborough will have:

  • A greater Scientific knowledge and understanding
  • A wider range of scientific enquiry skills
  • A richer vocabulary
  • High aspirations
  • An enjoyment and enthusiasm about Science in our school
  • Standards in Science at the end of Key Stages are at least good.


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