Maths Curriculum



At Farnborough, our vision for Maths is to foster a deep understanding and love for the subject, empowering our children to become confident Mathmaticians who can apply their skills in real-life situations. We aim to inspire students who believe they can achieve and appreciate the importance of perseverance in problem-solving.
Our curriculum is designed to develop students’ fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills in line with the National Curriculum. It offers a progressive and sequenced approach, ensuring a solid foundation of Mathematical knowledge and promoting connections between different concepts and building cross-curricular themes whenever possible.
We believe assessment should be an integral part of teaching and learning. Our assessment strategies are designed to provide timely and constructive feedback to students and inform teachers’ planning. We use a variety of formative and summative assessments, including regular verbal discussions, and practical tasks. We encourage self-assessment to develop students’ metacognitive skills.



Teachers at Farnborough ensure that the curriculum is explicitly taught to ensure children have a clear understanding of the subject. Teachers build on this knowledge with questioning techniques that enable and extend children’s thinking. Lessons are adapted to meet the needs of all learners. Teachers use a range of resources, including concrete manipulatives, visual representations, and ICT tools, to support students’ understanding and help them remember more. Opportunities are given for children to work collaboratively to embed their learning and time to reflect on their individual progress.

Our Maths curriculum is well-planned and sequenced, providing a coherent progression of skills and concepts across year groups. Teachers use long-term and medium-term planning to ensure coverage of topics and build on prior knowledge effectively. Lessons are structured to include clear learning objectives and activities that consolidate learning. We actively seek opportunities to link Maths to the real world, helping students see its relevance and application.

We employ robust intervention strategies to identify and support students who require additional help or challenge in Maths. Regular assessment data is used to track progress, identify gaps, and intervene promptly.

We adopt a mastery approach, ensuring all students have a deep understanding of key Mathematical concepts before progressing. Lessons include opportunities for students to explore, investigate, and apply their learning independently. The use of reasoning and problem-solving activities is embedded throughout the curriculum, enabling students to make connections between different topics and develop Mathematical resilience.


Maths at Farnborough fosters high levels of student engagement and enthusiasm. Students actively participate in lessons, demonstrating a positive attitude towards problem-solving and applying their Mathematical skills. We celebrate achievements and offer rewards for effort and progress, promoting a supportive and motivational learning environment.

Through our Maths curriculum, students develop confidence and independence in their Mathematical abilities. They are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and seek help when needed. Our focus on developing students who believe in their potential to succeed and persevere when faced with challenges. As a result, our students demonstrate resilience and a positive attitude towards tackling unfamiliar problems. The students are inspired by our Mathematics curriculum. The children understand the relevance and importance of what they are learning in relation to real-world concepts, building lasting memories and having a lasting impact throughout their lives.






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