Giants and Griffins have had lots of fun since they have all been back in school. They have participated in exciting orienteering  activities where they had to read compass directions to find different parts of Neverland hidden around the school grounds and perform tasks such as running on the spot, star jumps and tucking their jumpers and socks in! They then had to use teamwork skills to walk very slowly from the playground back into class whilst all holding onto a piece of paper without letting go. This was all to earn the treasure at the end (yummy chocolate coins). Fortunately, all the groups succeeded!
The children have really enjoyed designing and making a den for The Lost Boys out of clay. They then painted it and glued it to give it a nice varnish. 
Using Neverland maps and dressed in costume,  the children worked together to find routes across Neverland using positional language and compass directions.
The children have worked very hard at writing a back story as to how Captain Hook ended up with his hook.  This involved an action fight scene and a hungry crocodile!  Currently, Year 4 are re-writing a scene of the book as Peter or Wendy which includes them both being rescued by a kite and a Never bird’s nest. We have acted out drama scenes using hot seating and  freeze frames to help bring the characters to life. The children are making some great progress with their writing and are now able to include narrative, action and dialogue – well done!