We have hidden within the school grounds a KS1 age related book and a KS2 age related book, so who will be the first to find them!

The idea is that if your child finds the book they will take it home and read it and then bring it back into the school to hide for someone else to find. You can either keep the book you find and replace it with one of a similar age range/quality or you can pop the book back in the bag and let someone else enjoy the book! We can’t wait to see some of the amazing books the children choose to share within our school community.

We will also be setting up an online review of the books the children have read where they can also say if they enjoyed it and even let us know if it was so good they chose to keep and replace it!

Send in your reviews:

Please send your child’s reviews to admin.office@farnborough.bromley.sch.uk along with a picture of them enjoying it so we can pop it on the school website (if we have permission to do so).

Happy Reading!

Read our reviews:

Review by Beth: February 2020

Beth came home really excited on Monday that her big sister Charlotte had found the KS1 look4abook! Both girls have been enjoying reading the Star Wars book and Beth has especially loved the Finding Dory book.

We all love the film so having a short picture book retelling the story has been lovely and Beth has enjoyed reading and hearing it before bed! We’ve swapped one book for a super hero one from home, we hope whoever has them next loves them both!