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A message from Sven (Mr Atkinson’s cousin).
Work for week beginning Monday 30th March
Date Powerpoint – for computers PDF – for tablets
Monday 30th March Day 1 Powerpoint Day 1 PDF
Tuesday 31st March Day 2 Powerpoint Day 2 PDF
Wednesday 1st April Day 3 Powerpoint Day 3 PDF
Thursday 2nd April Day 4 Powerpoint Day 4 PDF
Friday 3rd April Day 5 Powerpoint Day 5 PDF
Click here for a document with links to websites with work ideas.

I have set up each child with a login to a great website with lots of different learning activities on. To get your login and password, please email the school email address and I will send it out to you. Click here to access Classroom Secrets Kids.

We have online access to ‘The Week’, a news publication written for children. Click here to access The Week. Please have a look and read any articles that take your interest.

Shackleton’s Journey – This is the book we are studying
English Task Information to help How long
Nature documentary about Antarctica 1 hour
Shackleton documentary 26 minutes
Short documentary about the journey 7 minutes
Documentary about restoring huts Shackleton used on a previous expedition 5 minutes
Research Antarctica Discovering Antarctica
BBC- Antarctica
3 sessions/days
Write a letter asking Shackleton for a job Letter to Shackleton template
Letter to Shackleton – 3 examples of stories
4 sessions/days
Write a fact file about Endurance Endurance – Fact file example 3 sessions/days
Shackleton – Week 1 – powerpoint with pages from the book and an explanation of the tasks

Below are some maths tasks that the children can complete. If possible, can the children complete one hour of maths per day. The time can be divided over multiple tasks. I have provided multiple options so the children can complete a variety of tasks.

Maths Task Where to find it How often
SATs style questions Maths – SATs questions links One Arithmetic set of questions one day; One Reasoning set the day after – repeat
Maths Aids – arithmetic sheets Maths Aids website Links to the most useful questions
Online Maths Arithmetic Maths Frame Interactive Quiz 10 minutes every other day [Username: Farnborough / Password: Farnborough]
Task from CGP books Books should be at home in child’s SATs pack As required
Classroom Secrets Lesson Read and Interpret Line Graphs .
Classroom Secrets Lesson Calculating area of rectilinear shapes (a shape made up of straight lines) As required
Top Tip: First, Split the shapes into rectangles.
Classroom Secrets Lesson Calculating area and perimeter Top Tip: Perimeter = length around a shape = add all the sides together
Area = the space a shape takes up = times length by width for rectangles
Previous SATs papers Previous SATs papers As required
Other Subjects

Here are some other resources for lessons the children can complete.

Subject Where to find it Extra Information
Grammar Selection of grammar activities (in a .zip file) This contains many short grammar tasks
Comprehension Comprehension-Penguins Information text about penguins
Science Lesson about the Evidence for Evolution This follows on from lessons in class about inheritance and adaptation.
Art Contemporary Mona Lisa Lesson This follows on from lessons in class.
Art Traditional Mona Lisa Lesson This follows on from lessons in class.

We are very happy that you dropped in to see us. This page currently contains pictures of our classes hard at work in our classrooms; however, these pages will be regularly updated with information relating to our classroom activities so please keep checking back for new information.

Spellings for Year 6

Spring Term  2020

Spellings for Year 6
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Autumn Term  2019- Welcome to Year 6

Spring Term 2 2019
Spellings for Year 6

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