Year 1 classes

Wednesday 1st April (PDF for tablets and devices)


Elves Class

We are very happy that you dropped in to see us. This page currently contains pictures of our classes hard at work in our classrooms; however, these pages will be regularly updated with information relating to our classroom activities so please keep checking back for new information.

Home Learning – starting 23rd March

If you are using a laptop, please use the powerpoint link to view the work.
If you are using a tablet/phone or other device, please use the PDF links to view the work.

Covering letter for parents

Monday 23rd March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Monday 23rd March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Tuesday 24th March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Tuesday 24th March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Wednesday 25th March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Wednesday 25th March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Thursday 26th March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Thursday 26th March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Friday 27th March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Friday 27th March (PDF for tablets/devices)

Home Learning – starting 30th March

Little Red Riding Hood
Monday 30th March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Monday 30th March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Tuesday 31st March (Powerpoint for laptops)
Tuesday 31st March (PDF for tablets/devices)
Wednesday 1st April (Powerpoint for laptops)
Wednesday 1st April (PDF for tablets/devices)
Thursday 2nd April (Powerpoint for laptops)
Thursday 2nd April (PDF for tablets/devices)
Friday 3rd April (Powerpoint for laptops)
Friday 3rd April (PDF for tablets/devices)

Spellings for Year 1
Homework Grid for Year 1

Spring Term  2020

Spellings for Year 1
Homework Grid for Year 1
Spellings for Year 1

Autumn Term  2019- Welcome to Year 1

Spring Term 2 2019

See you all again soon.