Local Committee

Our school is an academy. All our Governors are also Directors of Farnborough Primary School Academy Trust.

The Local Committee

The ‘ocal Committee is a corporate body consisting of representatives from the parents, the local community and staff.  At Farnborough the governing body is made up of up to 10 governors, each of whom serves a four year term of office. Associate members are not governors but may be appointed by the governing body to attend meetings to contribute their particular skills or experience.

At Farnborough our Local Committee consists of:

  • 2 Parent members  –  elected (or may be appointed if insufficient people stand for election) from parents and carers of children at the school.
  • Up to 2 Staff members  – 2  staff members who are elected.
  • 1 Head teacher member
  • 5 Local members


The Role and Responsibilities of the Local Committee

The local committee work in partnership with the Head Teacher and other school staff to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school. They have legal powers and responsibilities but must act as a group; they have no authority to act individually, with the exception of the Chair when urgent action is required, or when the governing body has given delegated authority to do so. 

The local committee are not delegates of their constituent groups but can ensure that the views of those they represent are considered carefully in debate and decision making. The members bring a range of perspectives and experience to the local committee and strive to act at all times with integrity, objectivity and honesty in the best interests of the school and all its pupils.

Together with the Head Teacher the local committee has responsibility for strategic planning and policy making within the school; implementation and day to day management are the responsibility of the Head Teacher and staff.

The Key Tasks of the local committee  are:

  • to determine the strategic direction of the school
  • to monitor and evaluate performance
  • to act as a critical friend by supporting and challenging the school
  • to keep under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates
  • to ensure accountability.

Meetings and Working Practice

The Full Governing Body meets once a term, with an additional meeting in the autumn term. Many matters are delegated to the committees which then report back to the governing body. The main committees meet at least termly and more frequently when the need arises.

The local committee consists of two standing committees:

  • Resources Committee
  • Achievement Committee

In addition, we are required to set up separate committees when necessary to consider hearings and appeals relating to staff matters, pupil discipline and complaints.

Governors make informal visits to school to support events, to get to know staff, pupils and parents, and to inform and involve themselves in the life of the school. Governors also make more focused formal visits which are agreed in consultation with the Head Teacher and linked to school development and improvement priorities.

Short term working parties may be set up to consider specific issues and to report back to the Governing Body. These working groups may involve parents and staff who are not governors so that the views of a wide range of members of the school community can be taken into account.

Further Information about the local committee

When a parent member vacancy occurs all parents are informed and have the opportunity to put their names forward for election. If you are interested in becoming a governor and would like to talk to someone to find out more about the role, please contact the school office and they will put you in touch with one of our current members.