Our Staff

Meet the Farnborough Primary School Team

Welcome to our staff page. To view our staff listings, please click on the headings below to open the tabs.

  1. Senior Leadership Team

    Senior Leadership Team

     Kay Panayi 
    KS2 Leader
    Angela James (right) – Headteacher &
    Claire Browne (left) – Head of School
    Dawn Matthews
    EYFS & KS1 Leader
  2. SEN and Family Support

    SEN and Family Support

     Belinda Jones
    Senco Assistant & Family Worker

  3. Class Teachers

    Class Teachers

    James Atkinson
    Year 6 Teacher and PE Coordinator
    Hilary Morrison
    Year 5 Teacher
    Liam Vallois
    Year 4 Teacher
     Kay Panayi
    Year 3 Teacher & KS2 Leader & Geography Coordinator

     Nichola Cheeseman
    Year 3 Teacher
    Caroline Roberts
    Year 2 Teacher & Forest School Teacher
    Yvonne Murray
    Year 2 Teacher & History Coordinator
    Jenna Bushell
    Year 1 Teacher & Forest School Teacher

       Emma Edwards
     Sue Holmes
    Jane Pattison
    Art Specialist Teacher & Coordinator & PPA cover Teacher 
  4. Teaching Assistants

    Teaching Assistants

     Angela Delaney
    Teaching Assistant
     Hilary Osman
    Year 3 Teaching Assistant
    Keri Brett
    Years 4 & 5 Teaching Assistant
    Minal Gohil
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant 

    Mousumi Dhar
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant
     Pamela Fairley
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant
    Rebecca McDonnell
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant 
    Ros Ward
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant 

     Sarah Hope
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant
  5. Support Staff

    Support Staff

     Jane Penson
    Specialist Teaching Support
     Jenny Hirst
    Specialist Teaching Support

    Janey Grainger
       ICT Technician


     Amy Ferdinando
    Gap Year student in KS2
  6. Office/Premises Administration

    Office/Premises Administration

     Shirley Pugh
    Finance Officer 
    Andrew Lord
    Premises Officer
    Gemma Ellson
    Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
  7. Midday Supervisors

    Midday Supervisors

     Jane Emery
    Senior Midday Supervisor
     Anne Bartley
    Midday Supervisor
     Catherine Wood
    Midday Supervisor
     Danielle Bellenie
    Midday Supervisor

     Farrukh Ambreen
    Midday Supervisor
     Karen Peppercorn
    Midday Supervisor
     Leigh Ashford
    Midday Supervisor
     Maria Stockwell
    Midday Supervisor