15Mar 2019

Today was an amazingly exciting day at Farnborough Primary School as we all celebrated Red Nose Day 2019. Founded in 1985 by comedian Lenny Henry and filmmaker Richard Curtis, Comic Relief is a charity which fundraises for disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world. Red Nose Day is held biennially and was first televised in 1988 […]

14Mar 2019

On Friday 8 March the whole school celebrated World Book Day 2019. To celebrate this wonderful day our theme this year was ‘Into The Woods’. The children were invited to come into school dressed as a character of their choice representing Traditional Tales, Myths or Legends from either Britain or from around the world.   […]

28Feb 2019

Today we were very excited as we helped out in the Year 2 classes during their Science lessons. Both classes were carrying out a practical lesson which was similar to the one that we carried out in Science Club yesterday so we were able to share our Scientific knowledge with them. They were investigating yeast […]

12Feb 2019

Red Nose Day is coming and we will be supporting this in a range ofways at Farnborough.  Year One’s topic is‘Doing Good’.  This topic is focussed on looking at how wecan make a positive change within the community and help those in need who areless fortunate than us.  The outcome forthe children is that they […]

10Feb 2019

Yesterday our current Key Stage 2 School Council members as well as last years representatives, went to Westminster to visit the Houses of Parliament.   We were fortunate enough to be given a guided tourwhere we were very excited to be walking in thepath of some of the great historical figures of kings, queens and political leaders. First, we visited Westminster Hall. We learnt so many interesting […]

06Feb 2019

We are currently preparing for World Book Day 2019 and hope you will notice the great changes as you walk around the school corridors. To celebrate this wonderful day and our theme ‘Into The Woods’ we are asking the children to come into school dressed as a character of their choice representing Traditional Tales, Myths […]

25Jan 2019

On Wednesday 23 January a company called Bounce and Beyond came to Farnborough Primary School . A man called Ray let each class have a bounce on many small trampolines. Meanwhile Ray let each person have a chance to use rebounders (jump counters) to see how many jumps they could get by the end of end […]

10Dec 2018

On Wednesday 7th November, four children from year 6 (Alexander, Simone, Lev and Niamh) went to the Explore Learning Centre in Orpington. The reason they went there was for the National Young Mathematician’s Awards 2018. They were given one problem with four challenges inside it. This particular problem was about die and how to position […]

07Dec 2018

On Wednesday 5th December, the Choir had the opportunity perform to their parents and guardians the songs they had been learning this term. The songs included a selection of Christmas songs and a couple that were just fun to sing! The Choir performed in the School Hall and had the chance to perform on the […]

29Nov 2018

On 31st October 2018, year 1 visited the world renowned Victoria & Albert Museum; better known as the V&A. Located in the heart of London, the V&A hosts an eclectic collection of exhibits from around the world!   We took some pictures of our visit, which can be seen in the gallery below.