On Friday the 8th 2018 and for the following 5 weeks, year 6 has been selling cakes for our trip to Kidzania! These are the prices: 20p for chocolate rice cakes, sponge cakes, cookies, a large ice-pop and 15p for a small ice-pop. These incredibly yummy desserts had one difference; buy 2 large ice- pops and get a small one free.  Would you get that deal?

Originally, we raised £180 with our outstanding class and their unique ideas for their gorgeous looking stalls for our Christmas Market, (almost 10%), sadly our friend Huridirah left and not long after Jack.  Now going onto our topic, the cake sale, we need to raise about £400.

Millions of adults and pupils gather around the timid folding stalls with batches of sweet-tasting food standing on top of them!  People are willing to pay for these must-have desserts since you will not find them anywhere else.

Tegan, Year 6