One of our favourite experiences in year 4 has been the British museum where we went on Monday 12th of March. We went there as part of our Anglo – Saxon topic.

We specifically looked at the Sutton Hoo  ship burial for King Raedwald who ruled from 725AD to 735AD.We mainly explored the helmet that was owned by the king. The helmet was said to be used for ceremonial purposes only.

In the morning we went to see the artefacts and do a short quiz on them. But reading the Information beforehand helped us answer the questions… eventually! “My favourite artefact was the shield.” Molly year 4.

After lunch we filmed new stories explaining how the burial was discovered. “The class use tablets to film the new story” Miss Ferdinando TA. We pretended to be archaeologists or the landowner ( Miss Pretty) “ I enjoyed watching the faces of all my enthusiastic students” Mr Atkinson (Teacher)

We loved going to the British Museum, we had bags of fun. “ I enjoyed learning about the burial!” Michael year 4. “ I recommend going to the British Museum if you like history and fun!” Jacob year 4. Sam enjoyed learning interesting facts and had fun!

The British Museum was very kind to let us visit, we hope that the next year 4 class enjoys the trip. “ My favourite thing about the trip was lunch.” Harry Year 4.      

Jacob & Sam, Year 4