Year 5 are going to Sayers Croft for a school trip from 2nd July to 4th July.

What it is

Sayers Croft is a beautiful, safe site with 56 acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and fields and has been providing quality outdoor experiences for children for over 70 years. From Farnborough, it takes just over one hour to get there and we will be staying in chalets.


What to do

They offer a wide choice of activities at Sayers Croft, ranging from pond dipping to wall climbing. Whatever our outcomes, their instructors will work with us to design a unique programme focused on our needs.

Their adventure sessions at Sayers Croft focus on individual challenge and empathy for others. We will learn how to use supportive language to encourage one another whilst sharing responsibility for each other’s safety with their experienced instructors.

The varied habitats at Sayers Croft promote independent and creative exploration. It’s the perfect environment for enabling us to take control of their own learning. Asking questions, telling stories and creating art work all empower us to create new experiences and memories to take back home.

Challenges at Sayers Croft come in many shapes and sizes. They may ask us to negotiate over limited resources, develop tolerance for others, or complete logic and puzzle based tasks that encourage clear communication and co-operation to meet specific criteria. These sessions build self-esteem in a positive learning environment.

Just stepping outside at Sayers Croft we are surrounded by opportunities to discover the natural world. Through exploration and games, scientific and geographical concepts are given context. Sessions focus on building children’s confidence in using scientific enquiry to develop, test and evaluate hypotheses.

Alexander, Year 5