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Year 3 thought about what it would be like to be an explorer. We thought about the items we would need, picked up our torches and magnifying glasses and set off to explore Forest School!

Years  1 and 2 enjoyed a  joint Farnborough Firework Display. Year 2 shared the sparklers that we had made, looked at Year 1’s fireworks and found out what happens when mentos are mixed with different fizzy drinks. We finished with a warming drink of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows!

Today we reopened the gates and welcomed back a number of our Farnborough children with a bright start to their day. It was lovely to see some our families and we look forward to working with the children. We hope everyone is well and send our warmest wishes to all of our families.

In Year 3, we have been learning about the impact of plastic on our oceans.  The children collected their plastic rubbish for a week and brought it into school.  We then sorted it into items which are recyclable and items which are non-recyclable.  We were surprised by what we found out, as lots of the plastic […]

Year 4 spent the day looking at Anglo- Saxon artefacts and learnt that the Anglo-Saxons were warriors, invaders and farmers. They were also fine craftsmen, making finely detailed objects out of glass, silver and gold. We saw the many treasures discovered  at Sutton Hoo that were buried with the important  Anglo-Saxon King, King Raedwald of East Anglia. We had a […]

Last Friday Year 2 had a fun afternoon as they boarded a plane in to a mystery destination! To start their new topic, (‘Oh, the places you’ll go’)  they showed passports and boarding passes that they had made to Mrs Matthews (their pilot) and set off on their adventure. When they arrived they followed a series of clues to find […]

The Reception Class really enjoyed their first school trip to The Planetarium yesterday and were very excited as they walked through Greenwich Park to The Royal Observatory.  They enjoyed a Discovery Space Workshop, where they pretended to go to the moon,  followed by lunch and a look around the Weller Astronomy Galleries. After this they visited The Planetarium […]

On Wednesday 15th January, four children from Year Six represented the school at the National Young Mathematicians’ Award. This is a Math’s competition that is held throughout the UK. Michael H We had to make U – shape and make it symmetrical. In Challenge 1, we had to find an even and odd number of […]